The TGIF Network

TGIF is the new kid on the block for DMR radio networks

Update: Now include in Pi-Star by default

I think DMR+ plus was the first popular DMR network and big in Europe. Brandmeister came around later and has grown to a very large network with many repeaters and hotspots connected to it. I originally became familiar with TGIF from the nets on their Brandmeister talk group. They have since split ways with Brandmeister and created their own network. The network is growing fast and really full of great people thus far. Robert Bretzman, although not the creator of the TGIF network, is the head honcho right now. Robert, Mitch Savage and Ty Weaver have built a fantastic network that keeps getting better all the time.

The network is still in it's infancy but they're doing things right and that takes time. The dashboard is very nice and only requires you to be on the same network as your hotspot. There's no need to log in or create an account. They're still working on the code so the Self Care doesn't all ways work yet but when it does it's very simple and straight forware. The dashboard has a TGIF Lastheard tab and a list of Talkgroups. You can check it out yourself at


Adding this network to your Pi Star hotspot is pretty simple. SSH into your Pi either with a client or through the "Expert" settings tab on the web dashboard then use the following commands.

sudo su
cd /root
nano DMR_Hosts.txt
This will open the nano text editor where you can add the TGIF network.

You need to move the cursor to the bottom as shown and add the following.
TGIF_Network     9     passw0rd     62031

You need to press "Tab" after each entry and hit "Enter" at the end.
TGIF_Network  >  Tab
9  >  Tab  >  Tab
passw0rd  >  Tab
62031  >  Enter
Then exit and save the file.
Ctrl X
 The last step is to update Pi Star
sudo pi-star update
 Now when you go to your configuration settings under "DMR Configuration" select the drop down for "DMR Master" and all the way at the bottom top you will see "TGIF_Network"

Simply select the TGIF_Network and your connected. Now if you open and click on the "Self Care" tab you will see your hotspot and what talk group you are connected to. The "Self Care" part of the server is still in development and may or may not work when you first try but should be up and running soon thanks to Ty. By default you will be connected to TG 9. Just key up any other talk group to connect.

There are a lot of great people on the network and a great support group.
Checkout the facebook group
Robert is very helpful and also sells pre-configured hotspots.

Hope to hear you on TGIF soon! 73s K9NPX


  1. Robert, if I make this change in Pi-Star will I be able to use Brandmeister
    and TGIF?

    1. See (WA9RYO)


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