Pi Star Mobile Dashboard

A Mobile Friendly Dashboard for Pi Star

All thanks go to Marshall Dias, this can also be found at www.amateurradio.digital/pistar.php

(disclaimer: this is not my work and I did not develop any of it, please use at your own risk, this addon does NOT require admin rights, should not break the update process)

Here is a handy mobile optimized dashboard for Pi Star installations. This doesn't change the default dashboard or any other operation of your Pi Star. This is simply an add-on. To install or update just follow the instructions below or from Marshall's post.

SSH into your Pi Star installation. Go to your Pi Star dashboard. You'll need to click "Configure" and "Expert" you'll see the expert settings warning screen and on the right under "Tools:" you'll need to click "SSH Access".
Login with the same username and password you use to login to the dashboard and you'll be taken to a terminal session.

Then run these commands

sudo wget http://w0otm.com/pistar/pi-star.mobile.install.sh
sudo chmod 555 pi-star.mobile.install.sh
sudo ./pi-star.mobile.install.sh

Then navigate to pi-star/mobile or ip-address/mobile.