I'm a little late posting this but in a recent firmware update to v2.3.2 the APRS function was added to the Anytone D868UV. It only works in digital mode and I'm not real familiar with APRS but it seems to be working very well.

There are a few steps to set this up:
At the bottom of the "Digital" menu tree you'll see "Digital APRS Information"

You'll need to click on that and set TX Intervals, Transmit Power(Low for hotspot), and set Beacon to Off. I've left the channel set to "Current Channel". For Brandmeister in the USA set it as a "Private Call" to TG 310999 and leave slot set to "Channel Slot".

Once this is done it needs to be added to every channel that you want to transmit APRS reports.

As I said earlier, I'm not real familiar with APRS but once you have it added to a channel and you get a GPS fix, when you first key up the channel it will display a sending GPS data message and send your location to the programmed TG or Private Call number.

To use APRS with Brandmeister you need to setup your Self Care account. For the Anytone D868UV set the radio brand to Motorola and pick an APRS icon. I have the APRS Interval set to 60 seconds.

I'm still learning what all the settings do but it doesn't seem to send any data until you actually key up. I know it's working though because I can track myself from