Brandmeister API and Pi Star

Let's go over setting up the Brandmeister API in Pi Star

By now you should have a DMR ID number and a Brandmeister Self Care account. If not then you'll need to get a DMR ID from the DMR-MARC website. You'll also need a Self Care account with Brandmeister. I have multiple hotspots so when I enter my ID in the Pi Star configuration I use my DMR ID plus an additional digit. This keeps them separate in my Brandmeister account. 

Next make sure your Pi Star dashboard is up to date by clicking the "Admin" and then "Update" tab at the top of the page. Let it run through the process, a reboot may or may not be required.

Once you have your Brandmeister account you'll need to log in, click on your callsign and select "Profile Settings"

 Then click on "API Keys"

From that screen you can revoke any existing API keys or add new. You'll need to click "Add" and make sure you don't close the window until you have the key saved in your Pi Star.

Now go to your Pi Star dashboard and click "Configure" and then "Expert" and you'll be presented with a warning screen. On the top of the screen you'll need to click "BM API Key"

On the next page you can paste your API key and click "Apply Changes"

After the API key is saved you can click on the Admin tab. You'll see new options to modify reflectors, modify static talkgroups, drop dynamic groups and drop QSO.

Hope this helps you out, 73s K9NPX