Radioditty GD-77

A Dual Band, Dual Mode, DMR Radio For Less Than $100!

This was my very first DMR radio. I've since upgraded to the Anytone AT-D868UV. I purchased this before I knew anything about digital radio and wasn't real sure how much I would use it. This was the cheapest option and if you're looking to get into digital this radio will definitely do the trick. I was able to learn about the CPS software, talkgroups and the general operation of DMR radio. I mostly use hotspots for DMR and have had no trouble at all. Most hotspots are capable of having a display attached and it's kind of a necessity with this radio. The memory is very limited and even with the upgraded firmware you're limited to 10,000 contacts. The current DMR-MARC database is over 80,000. I use a Pi Star hotspot at home and bring up the web dashboard to see all the information. Aside from the display this radio performs great. I've had good audio reports and no trouble. For at home or in your HAM shack this radio is great. If your looking for something to use while mobile you might want a radio with a larger memory and better display. The field programming capabilities are a little bit limited with this radio as well. You can easily direct dial a private call but you can only add a talkgroup through the CPS. 


  • Price
  • Dual Band
  • Standard Kenwood 2 Pin Plug
  • Full Keypad
  • Good Menu
  • Simple CPS
  • Solid Feel


  • Limited Memory
  • Limited Display
  • Limited Field Programming


Not considering the price this is a solid radio. If you factor in the price it's an amazing deal. If you're thinking of getting into digital and don't want to spend a lot til you know what you want this is the perfect radio. And if you do decide to upgrade down the road this radio will still remain useful. You'd be hard pressed to find an analog radio of this quality for the price.