MMDVM Digital Dialogue Board

I've recently purchased a hotspot board from China labeled as "mmdvm digital dialogue board" on Aliexpress. What intrigued me about this board was the fact that it included bluetooth and could run with or without a Raspberry Pi. I've seen several sellers with different versions. The version I received was marked MMDVM_Dongle_Zero V2.  I've got this board running on a Pi Zero W and there's a switch built in to switch to bluetooth. I've successfully used it with BlueDV on both Android and Windows.

I've seen several people ask about updating firmware for these boards and I've finally managed to do so.
Here are the files required including the USB driver, update program and firmware bin.
As it turns out this uses the same firmware as the other Chinese boards like the Jumbospot. You can download the firmware here. Grab the file named mmdvm_hs_hat_fw.bin.

Here are the files for the 3D printed case.

First install the proper drivers. Make sure to click USB To UART Bridge when installing.


 Next install flash_loader_demo. This will install a program called Demonstrator GUI.

The board cannot be connected to the Raspberry Pi and you must short the 2 pins marked "boot" on the board before plugging it into the USB port. Then run Demonstrator GUI and make sure you have the right port selected.

Select the .bin file then click next. I did have issues with the .bin file being in an oddly named folder and it gave me the error that it wasn't a valid file. I moved the file to a different folder and had no issues.

If all goes well your board will have the latest firmware! The files included are the latest I've found as of this post. I'm not sure if it's any different from the regular mmdvm_hshat but if I find out I will update.


  1. What is the firmware version in the files link, is there a more recent one somewhere?

    1. The latest from my source is still v1.3 I'll update if I find a newer version.

    2. Seems to be working with standard mmdvm_hs_hat firmware. I've updated the post to show this.

    3. Thanks again Dan, worked fine.


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